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Dated: 07/20/2018

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Does the home buying process leave you feeling frustrated?  Don't be scared and confused- that's why we're here!  We'll simplify every step of the process. 

Image title1) We'll patiently answer your questions, and help you get pre-qualified so that you know what price point       of home fits in the monthly budget you seek.

2) We LOVE to shop, and house-hunting is our FAVORITE!  We promise to listen intently to exactly what           features you want and need, and deliver quality listings that both match your description and price          range.

3) We will keep you up to date on the latest market trends, and offer the most professional advice on the          planet with your specific needs in mind.

4) We pride ourselves in being MATCHMAKERS!  Once you've found the house you love, "The One", we will          work quickly and diligently to help align you with the most competitive offer!

5) Once your offer has been accepted, we will recommend some of the best home inspectors in the industry      that we know care about you as much as we do.

6) We work closely with lenders to insure we help remind you of any supporting documentation that          may be needed in order to get you a "Clear to Close"!

7) We will attend your closing with you, and cheerfully hand you the keys to your fortress!  YAY!  You did it,          and we made the process smooth as butter!  Congratulations!

If you've not yet completed this process on your dream home, let us know!  We'd be happy to help!

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Amy Smith

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